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Office Design

We will help you translate your demands into a workspace that works.

Incorporating the new ways of working into a new layout with office furniture that will answer all your future needs. Because efficient furniture leads to efficient work.


The aim of this consulting process will be to combine the requirements of the client’s organization with the spatial conditions. The workflow, communication and interfaces between employees, teams and departments will form the basis for the interior design. Concepts of work areas and commonly used special areas will be developed based on current and future requirements, and the usage of the available office space will be optimized. During this process we will analyse current and future needs in order to develop the optimal design for the current needs while maximizing employee engagement and future flexibility.

How do we do it? 3 phases in 5 steps

The result in the first phase will be a basic concept for the office space. It will show the distribution of employees/ teams on the floor plan, and the capacity of workplaces. The functional requirements of the workspace will be represented with index pictograms. The early involvement of employees in these workshop will ensure that the planning and change processes are actively supported by the workforce.

The result of the next phase will be the translation of all findings of the analysis into a 2D layout plan and an interior design concept that includes a three-dimensional space model and a design concept including color, material and fit-outs.

The last phase consists of the project plan, furniture selection and total budget overview.

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Ons proces: Ons proces

Office Design

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