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Our Approach

Are you a startup looking to furnish a temporary space, Or a large firm moving to a new workplace and in need of a new space planning and layout.


For all of those businesses and many more, renting your office furniture isn’t only practical but a more affordable and flexible solution. Rental lengths are tailored to fit your needs, and we can meet any budget.

How it works

A proposal: Our design team will schedule a visit together with you, after wich they will come with a proposal and budget for your review and acceptance. 


Our Furniture Lease solutions is a flexible and affordable way to provide high-quality office furniture. Any type of business can benefit from our Lease solution – we are one of de biggest dealers in contemporary design and office furniture, going from accessories to large desks, office chairs, and even artwork. Anything that you need to upgrade our workspace.


Lease your furniture for short-term or long-term projects and we will coordinate every part of the project for you.


Our Interior designers will ensure the space planning services so you are able to get the perfect fit when renting your office furniture. After scheduling a visit together with you, we will come with a proposal and budget for your review and acceptance. 


From Lease to own

With a long-term contract for your lease you can have an interesting residual value to eventually buy the chosen furniture after the expiration of your contract.



Contact us

To get your made to measure proposal


Yes we don't just lease furniture, we sell it too! If you're looking to purchase a piece or a whole set for your office, let us know.

Over ons: Over ons

Business Lease


At MasterPro we do all furniture repair and refinishing work at our facility.

From re-upholstery to refinishing, these services are a part of our ‘contract of quality’ and is available for all our customers.

Office design





Circular economy

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