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A charming bar, a trendy restaurant, a stylish reception area…

Appearance is everything in the hospitality industry. And that appearance is largely determined by the interior design. It is therefore logical that you call on experts for this.


As a catering operator you want to convince people to walk in and stay inside. It is a game of seducing, amusing, gaining confidence, putting you at ease… The interior of your business plays a crucial role in this. Cosiness, comfort, style, that's why people step in and come back.


We develop quality custom design interiors, always with an eye for the smallest detail.

Whether it concerns living rooms, offices or catering establishments, for Master Pro every customer and therefore every interior is unique. Everything starts with conversations with your personal interior architect. Together we look for the right materials, the perfect textures, the ideal placements. In this way, the interior responds 100% to the expectations and needs of you and your customers.


From a tea room to a restaurant, from a bar to a sandwich shop, no interior is too small or too large for us. Moreover, thanks to our unique lease formulas, you should not be afraid of a large investment in one fell swoop of being stuck to the same interior for years.


Can't find your dream furniture in our range? No worries. Our Master interior architects will get to work with your idea. They design a unique piece of furniture. This is then produced in our own Master workshops. Nothing is impossible in that way.



Ons proces: Ons proces
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